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“I had the pleasure of working with Angela on the Memphis To Moore fundraiser. We co-produced the event that raised $34,000 for the tornado victims in Oklahoma in just 17 days. Angela was a strong leader throughout the project, and was able to successfully wear many different hats, from event planner to digital marketer to media spokesperson. No matter what challenges Angela was faced with, she found a way to bring things together. I highly recommend Angela for any business that is looking to achieve solid results quickly.“
- Lori Turner-Wilson, CEO, RedRover Sales & Marketing

“I had the distinct pleasure of having Angela serve as my Director of Internet Marketing while at ServiceMaster. Angela is the kind of talent you will want to have at the table with you solving business problems; her abilities and insights extend well beyond the realm of the digital space. Angela has strong business acumen, excellent relationship skills and is a team player. In addition to all that, she knows good wine (a real asset in my view!), has a terrific sense of humor and has diverse interests, making her a heck of a lot of fun to be around. I'd have Angela work for me again without hesitation!”
- James Larivee, Merry Maids, Chief Marketing Officer

“Angela is a seasoned veteran when it comes to all that is internet marketing. I have had the opportunity to work with her for the past few years and she has made it seamless for her franchisees to become part of the Yodle family. I would recommend her to all corps that want someone that not only knows the internet inside and out but to anyone who wants her diligence in applying all that she knows to the success of your Company. Keep it up Angela you are 1 in a billion!!”
- Greg Gasparini, Yodle, Senior Director of National Accounts

“Angela always came up with the most innovative ideas and that is a must in the Internet marketing game. She consistently delivered new angles for promoting online and her in-depth knowledge of online marketing was a valuable asset for us.”
- James Hutto, Valeo Design & Marketing, Managing Project Director

“Angela is committed to socially and ethically responsible business practices. She is an expert is online marketing, affiliate promotion as well as eBusiness. Highly recommended.”
- Constantine Roussos, .MUSIC Domain Initiative, Founder

“Angela is, quite simply, brilliant. She is one of those rare individuals that actually thrives on rigor, approaching problems with precision and tenacity uncommon amongst her peers. I recommend her enthusiastically!”
- Samuel Seaman, Pepperdine University, Marketing Research Professor

“Angela is a true professional. She understands the meaning behind hard work and effective planning. She is a master at identifying trends and capitalizing on change. Angela is a real asset to any team she is on.”
- Mark Koep, Enterprise Creations, LLC

“I've done group projects with Angela on many occasions and I really liked the way she did her work. She brought everyone in the group together and allowed us to meet our objective by addressing issues, takings solid notes, and distributing work to each member and such. I loved her tenacity!!! If you work with her, a job will get done professionally.”
- Jaynie Park, Pepperdine University MBA

“Angela never stops amazing people with her innovative vision. When she works toward a goal, she gets it. Unsatisfied with status quo, she encourages others to succeed along with her. Her altruism, honesty, loyalty and spirit quickly attracts others to join her on her missions. She is a true friend.”
- Shannon Hapgood, FedEx

“Working with Angela is a delight.  Rarely do you find someone with both strategic and analytical skills as well as a creative edge.  Angela exceeds deadlines, is very organized, and focuses on solutions rather than problems.  Whenever Angela was a member on my team, I knew that our project would be done well and on time.”
 - Demetrius Beasley, Pepperdine MBA

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