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Copeland Coaching
Copeland Coaching (Web Site)

Memphis To Moore Fundraiser
Memphis To Moore (Web Site)

Memphis City Gardens
Memphis City Gardens (Web Site)
Memphis City Gardens Recycling Survey (Web Site)

Krikle, LLC
Krikle iPhone App (Mobile App)
Krikle Profile, Seed Hatchery (Web Site)
Krikle Profile, CrunchBase (Web Site)

Warehouse Memphis
Warehouse Facebook Creation (Facebook Page)

Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau
MemphisTravel.com (Web Site)
MemphisSoul50.com (Web Site)
Cafe Press Memphis Soul Store (Web Site)

Memphis Net Impact Professional Chapter
Memphis Net Impact (Web Site)

Independent E-Marketing Sites
ShoeSaurus (Web Site)
ToddEbheradMD.com (Web Site)
Pink-Couture (Web Site)
WebHosting.ShopSaurus.com (Web Site)
SatelliteRadioMall.com (Web Site)
DiabeticPal.com (Web Site)
Valentine Gift Boutique (Web Site)
Lacoste Shoes (Web Site)
Diabetes Supply Review (Web Site)
Michael Kors Shoes (Web Site)
Skateboarding Shoes (Web Site)
Shoes.Pink-Couture.com (Web Site)
Wedge & Espadrille Shoes (Web Site)
Wine Store (Web Site)

Fall 2005
Entrepreneur Start-Up Strategies
Zipcar Business Plan Analysis (Word Document)

Summer 2005
Advertising and Promotion Management
Snapple Advertising Campaign (PowerPoint Document)

Marketing Research
Pepperdine Counseling Center Marketing Research (PowerPoint Document)

Real Estate Investing / Finance
Property Sales Pitch for the Enclave (PowerPoint Document)

Leadership and Ethics
Stem Cell Research Ethical Dilemma Analysis (Word Document)
Stem Cell Research Ethical Dilemma Analysis (PowerPoint Document)

Spring 2005
Quantitative Business Analysis
Evanescent Grill Analysis (Word Document)

Macroeconomic Analysis
Gap, Inc. Corporate Performance Report (Word Document)
Dominican Republic Corporate Performance Report (Word Document)

Technology and Operations Management
Cypress IT Analysis(PowerPoint Document)
SiteVision IT Analysis (Word Document)
SiteVision IT Analysis (PowerPoint Document)

Southern California Semiconductor Analysis (Word Document)

Time Warner Cable Marketing Plan (Word Document)
Time Warner Cable Marketing Plan (PowerPoint Document)

Fall 2004
Pepperdine Pair
Pepperdine Pair (Web Site)

Financial Accounting
Financial Analysis of Huffy (Word Document)

Economic Concepts
War in Iraq: The Implications of War on the U.S. Economy (Word Document)
War in Iraq: The Implications of War on the U.S. Economy (Word Document)

Managerial Economics
Parcel Shipping Industry Analysis (PowerPoint Document)

Information Resources and Technology
7-11 Japan - Venture into E-Tailing (PowerPoint Document)
Vonage IT Analysis (PowerPoint Document)

Personal Development for Leadership
India Culture and Practice Management (PowerPoint Document)
Motivating Performance (PowerPoint Document)

Challenge 4 Charity
Malibu 5 K Race (Web Site)

Mpact Memphis
M-vite Committee (Web Site)

American Diabetes Association
Angela's American Diabetes Association Resume (PDF Document)

Angela's Photography Tutorial (Web Site)

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