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An Education That Works, Victory University, Memphis, TN
Kenneth Kinney of Victory University interviews Angela Copeland of Copeland Coaching and Alex Matlock of ContigoCreative about the 1st Annual Multicultural Job Fair.

Networking With No Fear, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
Last week, as I pulled toward my parking space at home, the adorable 3-year-old boy who lives next door ran up to my car. “I haven’t seen you in a while!” he exclaimed in the most excited voice I’d heard all week. “How have you been?”

Memphis To Moore Update, Local 24 News, Memphis, TN
Sean Parker of Local 24 interviews Angela Copeland regarding the status of Moore, Oklahoma's recovery efforts after the May 2013 tornado.

South Main Recycles, Local 24 News, Memphis, TN
Sean Parker of Local 24 interviews Angela Copeland and Bob Lundy about the South Main Recycles project. Angela, Bob, and Sharon Leicham started a grassroots effort that has raised enough money for two years of funding for recycling bins in this downtown Memphis neighborhood.

Make More Money This Year, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
If you’re like most people, you created a list of new year’s resolutions at the end of December or in the beginning of January. One of your resolutions was probably related to your finances. It may have been to save more, to make more or both. Regardless of which you selected, increasing your income can achieve both goals.

Putting Your <3 Into Your Job, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
The season of love is upon us. Is it fair to say you love what you’re doing for a living? Do you find yourself putting in your all every day, or is it a drag to get up in the morning – or worse yet, to go to bed the night before, knowing your next day’s work is looming over you?

Unemployed learn resume building, branding skills, WMC-TV, Memphis, TN
Several companies have layoffs in the past few months, leaving people of all experience levels suddenly looking for work. But the jobs are not necessarily out there, which means the unemployed are having to work harder to get their resumes noticed.

Starting Over: When Corporate Goes Kaput, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
For many employees in the Memphis area, the story is all too familiar. You wake up one day and go to work, just like it was any other. You wear the same clothes, drive the same route, and eat at the same place for lunch. Things seem fine at first, but something starts to feel a little out of whack.

10 Steps To Career Professionalism, Caissa Public Strategy - 21 Words Blog, Memphis, TN
In today’s competitive work environment, your reputation matters more than ever. Employees no longer retire from a job after 30 years of service with a great pension and excellent healthcare.

Apply Dinner Party Etiquette to Job Search, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
The title of this column may sound funny. After all, you’re looking for a new job, not a steak and baked potato. On the surface, you’re right, but there are lessons you can carry over from your dinner tonight to your job interview tomorrow morning.

Tues. Update: Career Coaching, Paul Ryburn, Memphis, TN
If you’ve ever wondered what a career coach can do for you, check out this interview on Action News 5. My friend Angela Copeland talked about her coaching service. I was just talking to her the other day about some of the consulting she does, and believe me, if you want to jump-start your career, you should talk to her.

"An Education That Works" Radio Interview, Victory University on KWAM 990 with Kenneth Kinney, Memphis, TN
Guests were Alex Matlock and Brian Lowe from Contigo Creative and Angela Copeland from Copeland Coaching. Topics include career advice, interview tips, and the Memphis Multicultural Job Fair.

Angela Copeland, MBA 05, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
Angela is competing in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest to win $25,000. The winner is determined by online vote, and people can vote once a day. Cast your vote for Angela today.

Interviewing Tips, WMC-TV, Memphis, TN
Career Coach Angela Copeland talks with Kontji Anthony about interview tips, what's changed in the job seeking process, and her e-book, Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job.

Wednesday Update: Vote for Copeland Coaching, Paul Ryburn, Memphis, TN
I’ve been forgetting to ask my readers to vote for Copeland Coaching to receive a $25,000 small business grant.

Your Calling Card, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
These days, the way in which you present yourself has become more complicated. It’s no longer just about being well groomed with a firm handshake. Your Facebook page, LinkedIn account, email address, business cards and phone number all say something about you. They are all pieces of your personal brand.

New Year's Resolution to Find a Job, Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club Radio Show with Jeremy Park, Memphis, TN
Guests this week were Hardy Farrow with Gestalt Community Schools, Angela Copeland with Copeland Coaching, and Brian Stephens with Caissa Public Strategy.

What's in a Name?, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
The name we go by with our friends and family can be a very personal thing.

Finding a New Job in 2014, My Fox Memphis, Memphis, TN
Career coach Angela Copeland discusses tips to fulfill your New Year's resolution to find a new job.

Learning to Stand Out From the Pack, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
Many people think they know what it is that makes one candidate stand out from another.

New Year, New You, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
January is the perfect time to begin working on your 2014 plan. As you prioritize your New Year’s resolutions, consider a career cleanup along with your plans to go to the gym more often.

Friday Update: Career Advice, Paul Ryburn's Journal, Memphis, TN
My friend Angela Copeland, CEO of Copeland Coaching, has a new article on the Daily News site: A New Year, A New You. Great advice on a career cleanup to get yourself looking great to prospective employers. You can follow her at @CopelandCoach on Twitter, where she has been posting some fantastic job leads at some of Memphis’ best companies.

Keeping Up Job Searches During the Holidays, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
Now’s the time to get started on your resolution to find a new job in the new year. The holidays are the perfect time to begin your search.

Copeland Coaching offering web-based job hunting services, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN
Entrepreneur Angela Copeland has launched Copeland Coaching, a career counseling and training firm that offers services including interviewing, negotiating and networking.

Copeland Launches Career-Coaching Venture, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
Memphian Angela Copeland is launching a career-coaching practice called Copeland Coaching.

Copeland Coaching Launches, Paul Ryburn's Journal, Memphis, TN My good friend Angela Copeland is launching her new business, Copeland Coaching.

A New Resource for Job Seekers in a Down Economy, CopelandCoaching.com, Memphis, TN
After nine years of informally providing career-coaching services, Angela Copeland is launching her own practice, Copeland Coaching.

Memphians donate delivery for Moore gym equipment, My Fox Memphis, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland says Moore, Oklahoma, public schools supported her so much from kindergarten through high school; she says her teachers went above and beyond to help her get to college.

Memphis To Moore Fundraiser, 4Memphis Magazine, Memphis, TN
Memphians opened their hearts and wallets to benefit the students and staff of Moore, Oklahoma, Public Schools, that were damaged or destroyed by the May tornado.

Memphian donates gym equipment set to Moore Schools, My Fox Memphis, Memphis, TN
Memphian Angela Copeland attended Moore, Oklahoma, public schools from kindergarten through high schools. She was heartbroken learning about the 20 of 35 school buildings being destroyed.

Memphian fund raises for alma mater in Moore, Oklahoma, My Fox Memphis, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland, a Memphis resident from Moore, arranged Friday's "Memphis to Moore" fundraiser, raising more than $25,000 to support her former school system's recovery efforts. She says she wants to give back to the schools that gave so much to her."

Fri update: Memphis to Moore TONIGHT, Paul Ryburn’s Journal, Memphis, TN
Tonight is the big night… Memphis to Moore in the Westin Hotel ballroom from 7 to 10 PM. It’s a fundraiser organized by Memphis resident and Moore native Angela Copeland, to raise money for the tornado-damaged Moore, Oklahoma public schools.

From Memphis To Moore...Rebuilding Schools In The Tornado Ravaged Town, WREG – Live @ 9, Memphis, TN
Tragedy can bring out the worst in people but also, as we have seen already, the very best. That’s the case for Angela Copeland. She lives in Memphis now, but is from Moore, Oklahoma.

Memphis to Moore: Help to rebuild the school WMC-TV, Memphis, TN
Memphis organizers are asking for your help to rebuild he school flattened by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Memphians step up to help schools damaged by Oklahoma tornado , Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
While large organizations like the Red Cross are working to help victims of the May tornados that hit Moore, Okla., Memphian Angela Copeland, who grew up in Moore, wanted to do something to help the school district devastated by the storms.

The Westin’s ‘Memphis to Moore’ event raising money for tornado victims, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
The Westin Memphis Beale Street Hotel is hosting a bash this week organizers are calling “Memphis to Moore,” an event that will raise money for the rebuilding effort in an Oklahoma community devastated last month by a mile-wide tornado.

Sun update: Parade for Silky, Memphis to Moore fundraiser, Paul Ryburn’s Journal, Memphis, TN
The fundraiser will be called Memphis to Moore and it will be held in the ballroom at the Westin Hotel on Friday, June 14, beginning at 7:00. My friend Angie, a Moore native and a product of the Moore public schools, partnered with the Westin and Red Rover to make this happen.

Seed Hatchery Mentors, SeedHatchery.com, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland selected as Seed Hatchery mentor for 2012 accelarator class.

Q&A: Mobile Deposits, FirstTennessee.com, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland, a vice-president in Digital and eCommerce at First Tennessee, explains how account holders can deposit checks without going to the bank.

Winners named in MBJ’s 15th annual Top 40 Under 40 Awards, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland named as Top 40 Under 40 in Memphis.

Slideshow: MBJ's Top 40 Under 40, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
In this online slideshow, you will see photos of all 40 honorees as well as where they work and what they do.

People on the Move, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland is highlighted in the People on the Move.

First Tennessee offers Mobile Deposit for customers, WDEF News 12, Chattanooga, TN
First Tennessee launches Mobile Deposit to customers for their Mobile Banking app.

First Tennessee leaders announce mobile deposit option, Nooga.com, Chattanooga, TN
Customer interest drove the decision to add the feature, Angela Copeland, vice president of digital and e-commerce for First Tennessee, said.

First Tennessee Bank unveils mobile check deposit, Times Free Press, Chattanooga, TN
Though the business idea is to move more customers to less expensive mobile banking and away from physical banks, which have higher fixed costs, the bank doesn't currently plan to offer incentives for use of the application, said Angela Copeland, vice president of digital and e-commerce marketing and strategy for the bank.

Put Your Money Where Your Mobile Is, FirstTennessee.com, Memphis, TN
Angela Copeland explains Mobile Deposit via a podcast.

Common ground: Downtown plots promote healthful eating, reuse vacant urban space, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN
These are urban gardens of a different stripe, aimed not at poor neighborhoods, but at would-be gardeners in apartments, condos and townhouses who don't have access to land.

Growing Innovation, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
"Another use we are in the preliminary stages of exploring is city walking tours," said Krikle chief marketing officer Angela Copeland.

Investing in the Future, Greater Memphis Chamber Blog, Memphis, TN
Twenty years from now, the six teams who pitched their startup ideas at the Seed Hatchery's first Investor's Day will at least be happy they took part in this mentorship-based program for entrepreneurs. At the most, they will be rolling in dough.

Seed Hatchery showcases half-dozen early-stage Memphis companies, Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN
While it's true that the half-dozen early-stage companies showcased at Thursday's inaugural Seed Hatchery graduation ceremony are still works-in-progress, evidence suggests that the flourishing local entrepreneurial ecosystem will enable these startups to bud and bloom.

Business Incubator Seeks ApplicantsMemphis Flyer, Memphis, TN
Last year’s winners included Choomogo, a company that provides self-service mobile phone charging stations, and Krikle, a free mobile social media app that allows users to leave virtual graffiti wherever they go.

Seed Hatchery launches small business ‘accelerator’ to boost six startup firms, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
The companies include Ignite Energy, which has a cell phone charging product; Obeedo, an online grocery service; Krikle, which provides virtual online communities in restaurants and bars; A Smarter City, which creates a wireless sensor network; Work for Pie, a network that helps entrepreneurs assemble executive teams; and StiQRd, which would move loyalty programs from punch and scan cards to mobile devices.

Seed Hatchery Helps Local Startups Spring to Life, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
Springtime gardening isn’t just for farmers anymore. The new Memphis venture group Seed Hatchery hopes to plant six innovative new companies into home soil.

Solidus-Seed Hatchery mentees named, Venture Nashville, Nashville, TN
Seed Hatchery and Solidus (JumpStart) announced their first 6-startup cohort for the Memphis Seed Hatchery incubator.

Wed update: Sad news about Rudy, Investor Day, Krikle lets you write graffiti with your phone, deep fried beer and a deal for bikers, Paul Ryburn's Journal, Memphis, TN
One of the teams produced an iPhone app named Krikle. Krikle is an augmented-reality app that lets you write on a virtual graffiti wall at any location.

Ready to Sprout, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN
Seed Hatchery showcases half-dozen early-stage Memphis companies

Seed Hatchery prepares for new startups as first class of businesses seek investors, Memphis Business Journal, Memphis, TN
As it wraps up its first class of startup companies, Seed Hatchery is beginning preparations for its next group of candidates either in the fall or early 2012.

Office Tour: Emerge Memphis, ZDNet, New York, NY
A couple dozen companies call this place work, including FedEx Labs, StiQRd, Work For Pie, Obeedo, and Krikle.

Impact Felt: MBA Group Promotes Social Responsibility in Business, Memphis Daily News, Memphis, TN
The group, Net Impact, is a wide-ranging coalition of MBAs, business professionals, nonprofit leaders and students who pursue that goal. One of the audience members who heard Gore's presentation that day was Memphian Angela Copeland, who received her MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., about a year ago.

New Team Member Added to Marketing and Public Relations Department, MemphisTravel.com, Memphis, TN
As the new Director of Internet Marketing, Angela has teamed up with the MCVB Marketing / PR Department to help promote Memphis and Shelby County on the internet as a tourist destination. In a nutshell, Angela and her team are here to help you sell the city you love.

Help Wanted: Pepperdine Pair Pitch EmployersPepperdine Alumni Newsletter, Malibu, CA
As MBA graduates nationwide prepare to enter the competitive job market this spring, two Pepperdine MBA candidates (Angela Copeland & Jessica Buell) have chosen to combine their talents in a co-branded marketing campaign worthy of any Fortune 500 company.

Copeland Earns Degree, OnlineShawnee.com, Shawnee, OK
Angela Copeland graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer and systems engineering on May 12.

Copeland on Dean's List, Shawnee News Star, Shawnee, OK
Angela Copeland has been placed on the Dean's List for outstanding scholastic achievement at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Troy, N.Y.

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